New Year, Stop Crapping, Get Cracking

So an update on everything. We’ll I’ve put on over a stone at Christmas with beers and chocolates etc which I don’t even regret. It was an amazing break and got to make up special time with Seb and Ang that I missed from training I did last year. The weightloss is also a target, currently 14st hoping to get down to 12st by summer.

After visiting the physio about my left foot/ankle/shin injuries I was supposed to book myself in to see a woman about my left foot and the way I stand on it and if I should get a new sole put in my shoes. But £80 being the price to see her I’ve put it off having been skint recently and my leg’s not been too bad lately so we’ll see.

My fitness is way off what it was. I did a 130 length swim on Monday with a pace way off what it was in the summer (1.5 lengths per minute / 1.7 lengths per minute). I did a 4 mile run last night and my average pace was a bit off (6.2mph / 7mph). However I couldn’t give a damn about my level of fitness. The fact that I’ve been out two days in a row, feeling great, enjoying it and not feeling too sore apart from the odd niggle is really pleasing. I was smiling in the pool to some dance songs on my MP3 player and even dancing with waving fingers when running last night.

Hoping to do something else on Thursday either a run or swim depending on how I feel.

I’ve also signed up to a few runs and events this year and I’m still wanting to do Tough Mudder twice this year!

So much to look forward to this year, getting really fit but not having to worry about coming challenges!

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