Why do this blog?

I don’t know – something to look back on I guess. I remember thinking to myself this time last year I need to lose a shed of weight, need to start more fitness when I have no time or energy. Then after that I lost 3.5 stone, started running (ME RUNNING?), eating more healthily, cutting out beer in midweek. I wish I had a blog/diary then to look back on to read how I progressed each week. So I guess this is why I just started one now.

With the new year I wanted to try something new, something perhaps stupid that will get me fit, raise a lot of cash for good charities and give me some nice feels 🙂 I’m not at all about being competitive even though that’s my usual nature. I just want to complete something I can look back on and think, ‘yeah not bad, lad!

About me
For those who don’t know me – I’m a Lancashirian, fiery, ginger creature where.

I pretty much have little time in the weekdays due to my work and travel commitments so fitting in everything is very very hard.

I have a fantastic, beautiful, supporting wife, a crazy, fiery little boy where when he’s happy, he’s AMAZINGLY HAPPY WOOOOO but when I’m moody…..

I also have an array of fantastic friends and family who keep my cheery and sane – which I will need if I am to complete this challenge.

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