It’s been a while…

Well it’s been a while since I posted something but didn’t want to post boring stuff. So a quick update – well last night was only my third run of the year. Injuries, soreness and colds have put me out the last 6 weeks or so. Bit I’ve needed to get back out again as I was worried about my fitness levels, especially with a running event Badass Mucker coming up a week on Saturday.

However, last night’s run was really good, I mean better than I hoped. I played in a football game on Saturday and my fitness was pretty good so I was quite optimistic before last night’s run. I felt ok before and ate a lot of fruit during the day but no meal until afterwards.

I set off and my left calf started feeling tender, it’s been causing me problems lately including an injury sustained whilst doing a 10 minute Riverdance at Ang & Maria’s 30th last weekend that put me out for a week.

Quickly deviating from this post for a second, I’m doing the C2C in three days in July with some friends of Ste. One of them does marathons and half marathons for fun. He told me he warms up with a light run, then after half to a full mile he stops, does stretches and THEN starts his run. So this is what I did.

After half a mile at the Rivington School car park I did leg stretches, especially concentrating on the calves and it gave them a new lease of life. My energy levels, surprisingly were ‘puzzlingly’ also quite good. I’ve just started taking some herbal medication recently, one which is a Sea Kelp supplement which aids digestion, metabolism & energy and also taking some expensive anxiety herbal medication which also aids energy. I’m not sure if these were directly responsible but I felt like I’ve never been away.

After my run boom 6.8min/mile which is pretty good, fastest this year. The last time I was this quick was on a run in June last year. I’m hoping to do another run on Thursday depending on my ‘two day ache’ so we’ll see how it goes – but overall very happy.


^ On purpose I went off my normal path to experiment and lost and came across this obstacle ^


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