Progress Report: Not too bad

A quick update. Running is getting there but time is critical now finding an hour to get out and run. Managed to do 10K for the first time a couple of weeks ago and last week only managed to do 1 run. Went for a run with Amanda on Monday night and we did a new personal best distance for her, doing 6 miles. I really enjoy running with Amanda and seeing her progress and improvement. Looking forward to another run on Friday. Would love to be doing more but so busy midweek now.

Fitness update

So I’ve been running at least 2-3 times a week with or without Amanda as good training for Tough Mudder. I’ve also just been GIVEN a road bike to practice for the coast to coast challenge and also a turbo trainer to train indoors. After 45 minutes I was shattered but am sure it will at least do my fitness good.

Still no real weight changes at 13st 10th with all of the healthy eating and running/cycling but am sure it will come good eventually.

Learned a lot from last night’s run.

So I went out late for a quick run around Rivington concerned that every time I do so my left calf/ankle gets really sore. So I walked to Rivington School car park as my warm up runs to here is what I thought normally causes it. So I walked and stretched out my legs and off I went.

Less then a mile at the reservoir my ankle was hurting again. AAARRGGHH FRUSTRATION! So at this point I started to really think. What is causing this? Could it be my technique? Well I realised that the ball if my foot was hitting the ground really hard rather than being a cushioned smooth flow. I realised that I wasn’t using the back of heel of my foot. So I started doing so, think that I had no idea if this would work.

At this point I left the fell running paths (after getting lost again) where I love running on the muddy soil which normally cushions my running which massively helps and all I had was concrete road. Here a huge alsatian went for me!! The owner had it on a retractable lead and didn’t have it secured and the dog was inches from reaching me. I screamed out “WWWOOOOWWWW CONTROL YOUR DOG!!”

After thinking about just surviving this and carrying on with my running technique I realised, my pain wasn’t getting any worse. It was actually helping! Here I kicked into a decent 7.5mph run for the final mile home.

So now I thought at last! I can finally concentrate on longer runs where my ankle has been thwarting me. I’m now getting really ambitious about doing 10Ks in 45 mins – which works out at 8.2mph for over 6 miles. Need to push now!

Watch this space.

Events I’m Doing This Year

A quick update on some of the events in definitely doing, should be doing or might be doing this year.

Saturday 21st February
Badass Mucker
With Amanda and friends
Definitely Doing

Saturday/Sunday 1st/2nd August
Tough Mudder Yorkshire

Saturday/Sunday 12th/13th September
Tough Mudder North West

Friday 24th – Sunday 26th July
Coast to Coast and Back Again… Again
With friends of Ste Rothwell and Johnny Turnbull
Definitely Doing

Sunday 10th May
Manchester 10K
With Carole Mawby, spouse of C2C Stephen
Might be Doing

Sunday 5th July
Colour Run 5K
With Amanda and friends
Might be Doing

Saturday 31st October
Liverpool Blacklight Run
Amanda and Friends
Might be Doing

It’s been a while…

Well it’s been a while since I posted something but didn’t want to post boring stuff. So a quick update – well last night was only my third run of the year. Injuries, soreness and colds have put me out the last 6 weeks or so. Bit I’ve needed to get back out again as I was worried about my fitness levels, especially with a running event Badass Mucker coming up a week on Saturday.

However, last night’s run was really good, I mean better than I hoped. I played in a football game on Saturday and my fitness was pretty good so I was quite optimistic before last night’s run. I felt ok before and ate a lot of fruit during the day but no meal until afterwards.

I set off and my left calf started feeling tender, it’s been causing me problems lately including an injury sustained whilst doing a 10 minute Riverdance at Ang & Maria’s 30th last weekend that put me out for a week.

Quickly deviating from this post for a second, I’m doing the C2C in three days in July with some friends of Ste. One of them does marathons and half marathons for fun. He told me he warms up with a light run, then after half to a full mile he stops, does stretches and THEN starts his run. So this is what I did.

After half a mile at the Rivington School car park I did leg stretches, especially concentrating on the calves and it gave them a new lease of life. My energy levels, surprisingly were ‘puzzlingly’ also quite good. I’ve just started taking some herbal medication recently, one which is a Sea Kelp supplement which aids digestion, metabolism & energy and also taking some expensive anxiety herbal medication which also aids energy. I’m not sure if these were directly responsible but I felt like I’ve never been away.

After my run boom 6.8min/mile which is pretty good, fastest this year. The last time I was this quick was on a run in June last year. I’m hoping to do another run on Thursday depending on my ‘two day ache’ so we’ll see how it goes – but overall very happy.


^ On purpose I went off my normal path to experiment and lost and came across this obstacle ^


New Year, Stop Crapping, Get Cracking

So an update on everything. We’ll I’ve put on over a stone at Christmas with beers and chocolates etc which I don’t even regret. It was an amazing break and got to make up special time with Seb and Ang that I missed from training I did last year. The weightloss is also a target, currently 14st hoping to get down to 12st by summer.

After visiting the physio about my left foot/ankle/shin injuries I was supposed to book myself in to see a woman about my left foot and the way I stand on it and if I should get a new sole put in my shoes. But £80 being the price to see her I’ve put it off having been skint recently and my leg’s not been too bad lately so we’ll see.

My fitness is way off what it was. I did a 130 length swim on Monday with a pace way off what it was in the summer (1.5 lengths per minute / 1.7 lengths per minute). I did a 4 mile run last night and my average pace was a bit off (6.2mph / 7mph). However I couldn’t give a damn about my level of fitness. The fact that I’ve been out two days in a row, feeling great, enjoying it and not feeling too sore apart from the odd niggle is really pleasing. I was smiling in the pool to some dance songs on my MP3 player and even dancing with waving fingers when running last night.

Hoping to do something else on Thursday either a run or swim depending on how I feel.

I’ve also signed up to a few runs and events this year and I’m still wanting to do Tough Mudder twice this year!

So much to look forward to this year, getting really fit but not having to worry about coming challenges!

Injury still there since run 2 weeks ago

It’s a good job I didn’t cancel the physio which is this Friday. Still not running even though I’ve purchased a head torch fur the unlit roads and some new headphones. I’ve been swimming at least once a week which seems to be keeping extra weight off but still want to lose the 6lbs I’ve put on since the challenges finished. I’ve purchased an underwater mp3 player for swimming and Monday’s 150 lengths went by in a flash with good pace. There’s still some positives on my road to recovery and to fitness. Hope Friday’s physio fixes me

150 lengths aided by new MP3 player

The pace wasn’t as quick as the 120 length swim 2 weeks ago but I’ve not swam 150 lengths since the swimming challenge back in May so really happy with my push back to fitness.
Today I used my new underwater Sony MP3 player which helped tremendously. The audio wasn’t massively loud especially when I was listening to Ricky Gervais podcasts but when I could here it I choked on the water a few times from laughing.

Lovely email from Margaret Broadfoot

So on Sunday I took part in the Blackrod Remembrance Parade with my Cub Scout group and Margaret Broadfoot, ex-district commissioner for our district said she had some sponsor money for me. Amazing to see that sponsorship is STILL coming in. Yesterday I split this between the charities and emailed her to say thank you, including a few pics of Sebastian and Angela having a good time at Blackpool.

Then Margaret replied with this:

Hi Paul, it was good to see you and Sebastian as well, as you say he was really good. Love the blackpool photos, he’s obviously having a brilliant time (so’s Angela by the looks of it!).

It’s a privilege to sponsor you, I think what you have done is amazing and you should be proud of yourself for achieving what you said you would. Well done!


This is one of the reasons why this is so addictive getting praise for doing something hard and being recognised for it. Absolutely want to do more in a few years we shall see.

My brother Pete has told me that there is a 5 daily marathon race in the Sahara Desert I could take part in that costs only £4,000 to take part….. I’ll add it to the list

Injury is back

Yep the run did absolute no good to my leg – the injury is still there. Been doing my hobble-runs at footy today. I’m just hoping that the injuries go away quicker than last time and perhaps this is how it is – recovery taking longer each time. I think I’ll still go to the physiotherapist to talk about injuries and recovery.