Fierce FIVE Challenges 2014

What are the Fierce Five Challenges?

Challenge One (7th May 2014) – Swim 1,000 x 25m pool lengths
I’ve really enjoyed swimming and improved considerably well over the last two years but I can only do breaststroke because I’ve only ever done it for it’s excellent fitness qualities. After a bit of calculating to see what was possible (or almost impossible) I decided to set myself a challenge of swimming 1,000 x 25m pool lengths – Read More

Challenge Two (14th June) – Great North Swim 2014
You could ask why bother after attempting a killer swim challenge not long before it. For me, this is a completely different kind of challenge which includes endurance with battling fears of swimming open water. The water is ice cold, it is very deep, it has currents which will make it hard to swim… even harder when I’m doing breaststroke and the vast majority are doing a faster front crawl pulling away from me – Read More

Challenge Three (28th June – 5th July) – Coast to Coast to Coast
The Coast to Coast to Coast is the Grand Daddy of the Fierce FIVE Challenges. Joined by my good friend Adrian Massey, we are cycling the longer, more difficult Wainrights Coast to Coast route from St. Bees to Robin Hoods Bay and looking to complete this in three days, which is in itself a very tough challenge as this is usually only attempted over four or five days.
Then, on day four we are going to run BACK to St. Bees doing a marathon a day for five days over the tops of the North Yorkshire Moors, Yorkshire Dales and Lake District National Park. EIGHT days of mixing pure, physical hell with the best views in the UK. – Read More

Challenge Four (3rd August) – Tough Mudder 2014
Last year, Ian Percival, one of the volunteers and dad’s of one of our AFC Masters players completed the Tough Mudder saying it was one of the most difficult things he’s ever completed. Because I boast about how fit I am (NOT) at our football sessions, Ian and another volunteer/dad Gareth Macdonald have forced me to do the Tough Mudder. The prospect of undertaking this challenge and The Obstacles is absolutely terrifying – Read More

Challenge Five (7th September) – Great North Run 2014
Originally, I was looking to enter the Manchester 10k Run with our AFC Masters players and coaches but I found out that the date clashes with some training I have to complete for some other voluntary work I do.
Also, I do 10k runs on a midweek run for general fitness and cardio training so I wanted to submit myself for a challenge that I currently could not complete and is something that I will have to train really hard for. The Great North Run half marathon is just that but I found that I was very fortunate to be even given an entry into the event – Read More

How can I donate and support you in these events?

Because I am completing five challenge for five different charities, I have set up separate donation pages for each challenge. I know it is asking a lot for you to donate for each challenge but they are separated at least a month apart so it would be amazing if you could sponsor me whatever you can afford for each challenge. I completely understand if you cannot make a donation and I would be more than grateful if you could share this page, the Facebook Page or the Twitter Page with your friends.

Currently, I’m training for the two swimming challenges and you can find the donation page by clicking this link:

I will constantly keep you in the loop towards how the preperations are going for each challenge and how the money is being spent at the charities. If you don’t like donating online or if you prefer to meet in person I would love to arrange a coffee and go through everything with you.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact me either through my Facebook Page, Twitter or by email (

Paul, you big ginger fool! – Why are you doing this?

Well coming off the end of 2013 in the greatest fitness and health of my life, I arrived into 2014 fresh and full of optimism. I was inspired by New Years Resolutions to do something Great this year and raise a heap of cash of some fantastic charities, primarily The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust which saved my dad’s life in 2013.

I’ve been smashing personal bests all through 2013, whether it was swimming 200 lengths or running 10 miles (I know, me running?). After hitting a bit of a plateau, I wanted to set myself a challenge for 2014. Having already been summoned to do the Tough Mudder by some of the volunteers at AFC Masters, I also wanted to come up with something else all by myself to really test my endurance, since that is my strong point rather than speed (some could call it stupid arrogance rather than endurance). So, I looked at basing my challenges on my two strongest cardio areas; swimming and running.

Keep up to date with my preparations and live challenge feeds on:




If you want to read about how I came upon the Fierce Five Challenges click here (3rd January)

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