Tough Mudder 2014

Sunday 3rd August, 2014

A hardcore 10-12 mile obstacle courses designed by Special Forces to test all around strength, stamina, determination, and camaraderie. Only 78% of entrants successfully complete each challenge.


Last year, Ian Percival, one of the volunteers and dad’s of one of our AFC Masters players completed the Tough Mudder saying it was one of the most difficult things he’s ever completed. Because I boast about how fit I am (NOT) at our football sessions, Ian and another volunteer/dad Gareth Macdonald have forced me to do the Tough Mudder. The prospect of undertaking this challenge and The Obstacles is absolutely terrifying. The Obstacles I’m mostly not looking forward to:

  • Electroshock Therapy – Sprint through a field of live wires that sure as hell don’t tickle.
  • Arctic Enema – Swimming through ice, under a wooden plank and pull yourself out on the other end before you become hypothermic
  • Cage Crawl – This obstacle will take your fear of confined spaces and water and combine them. Flip over on your back and pull yourself across 60 feet of cage with only 6 inches of breathing room
  • Boa Constrictor – If you don’t like small spaces, this obstacle will be a challenge for you. Crawl through a series of pipes that force you on a downhill into some freezing mud, then a slippery uphill climb to the other side
  • Drag Queen – Always one of the most tiring obstacles, Drag Queen has you drag a set of tires for 100 yards, and then turn around and drag them back again.
  • Electric Eel – Slide on your belly through frigid water or, even worse, a layer of ice and beware of the shocks overhead. Should you try to crawl on your knees, you’ll be smacked with live wires and your body will compulsively contort. Be sure to protect your head, otherwise you might experience what Big Mudder calls a brain reboot.
  • Fire Walker – You’ll be running among pits of blazing firewood. You can expect flames at least 4 feet tall, finding that you must leap over the final pit of fire. This leap will land you in a pit of ice cold water, quickly sapping any of the warmth you may have gained from flames.
  • Hold Your Wood – Carry a heavy log through a section of the Tough Mudder course. If the course is flat, expect to be lugging your log for at least 1/2 mile. If the area is hilly or mountainous, get friendly with your wood because you’ll be hauling it up a steep and challenging ascent
  • Trench Warfare – Crawl through narrow, dark, muddy trenches. Watch out for rocks, obstructions, and the occasional splash of muddy water from the Mudder crawling ahead. These trenches will test the stamina and mental grit of all Mudders, especially those who fear dark, confined spaces.
  • Underwater Tunnels – Bob underneath rows of floating barrels as you battle the frigid water temperatures. This obstacle requires mental grit, as extreme cold can be as challenging mentally as it is physically.

Did I tell anyone that I was afraid of tight spaces and cold, open water? 😥

The money raised for completing this challenge will go straight to AFC Masters, a self-funded football club for disabled children and adults in Bolton and the North West. I am the AFC Masters’ fitness coach as well as an assistant coach and the club’s website developer.


Since 2005, the club has grown significantly, now providing weekly football coaching and friendship to over 50 players. The club boasts a busy under 11’s section, a thriving teenage team and three adult squads who play competitively in the FA’s Ability Counts league.

Our players not only get a regular session of good exercise they also become an important part of a team; boosting their confidence. The club runs all year round and goes through many footballs and other equipment which we need to provide our training sessions, then there’s the added expense of facility hire too.

I have setup a Tough Mudder challenge donations page which you can access by clicking this link. I am asking for kind people to sponsor me, with all the money going straight to this fantastic organisation. We support 50 players, lads and girls aged from 5 to their 40’s all with various disabilities. We work with each player so they get the most out of their football, and help them build up a solid group of friends.

To many of our players and their families we’re much more than a football club. The money raised will go towards new footballs, football strips and other equipment for the team.

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