Great North Run 2014

Sunday 7th September, 2014

Known as “The World’s Greatest Half Marathon”, I will be running an exclusive 13.1 mile half marathon with some of the best runners in the world, shown live on the BBC.


Originally, I was looking to enter the Manchester 10k Run with our AFC Masters players and coaches but I found out that the date clashes with some training I have to complete for some other voluntary work I do.

I also do 10k runs on a midweek run for general fitness and cardio training. I wanted to submit myself for a challenge that is something that I will have to train really hard for. The Great North Run half marathon is just that but I found that I was very fortunate to be even given an entry into the event.

On 31st January, I submitted my first ever entry for the Great North Run which was to be balloted between 5th – 12th February. I honestly thought I had a decent chance of getting in thinking that the vast majority of people applying would do also. My entry was accepted wahooo!… but I couldn’t be more wrong about it being easy to get into the event. Looking at a Facebook post from the event organisers I was surprised to see so many people (around half) were turned down! Some people have had rejections 3 times in a row! Many people who were successful are flying in from places such as the US and parts of Asia to take part!
I must say I now feel very privileged to be taking part in such an exclusive event.

I have decided to run on behalf of the National Autistic Society because they are an unbelievable charity who do so much to support children, adults and carers of those who live with autism.

I am going to have to work and train really hard to get myself to be able to run a decent pace for this challenge. I’ll be running alongside the best runners in the UK and in the world, the kind of people who only know running, who wake up at 6am in the winter and only think about throwing on their running shoes for an easy morning jog (which to me looks like a sprint).

There are also a significant amount of costs which I am using my own cash to pay for things such as high grade energy supplements, training gear and transportation to Newcastle and back.

Please please please give a little of what you can to this fantastic charity. Every penny raised will go to them, none of my personal funds will be reimbursed.

I have set up a JustGiving donations page which you can donate to by clicking this link. Please give whatever you can, whether it’s big or small, even if it’s just a £1 – it will all help and be very well spent by the National Autistic Society.

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