First Swim Back… not massively happy!

So I get into the pool for the first time in just under a month and I wasn’t too sure how much energy I’d have as I’ve been quite light headed and dizzy the last two days even though I’ve been eating and sleeping well as well as not overdoing it with cardio/Insanity.

I got in with my new orange swimming hat (0 points for coolness) and put my new Speedo goggle on (amazing – no leakage). Felt weird at first swimming with a hat on but I did my first 64 lengths in 38 minutes even though I felt a bit unpracticed. Was this the Insanity workout helping my muscles and fitness to do this speed? After this point, hoping to do another mile it all went downhill. The ONLY lane available to lane swim become another THIRD teaching lane…. THREE TEACHING LANES???

So, determined to carry on I had to swim, dodging through the kids doing their fun, general swim sometimes having to stop just before I got to the end as there was no where to go apart from a wall of kids… GOD THIS PEED ME RIGHT OFF…. So I did as much as I could and after 36 lengths (aiming for 100 total) I realised my back was getting really sore…. This worried me as this was only a tenth of my total I have to attempt in 2 months.

I also become absolutely exhausted and as soon as I picked up Seb and got him to bed I was in bed myself ready for sleep at 7:30pm.

Positives: New hat and goggles were ace, new 38 minute PB for mile
Negatives: Dodging/punching kids out of the way, bad back, exhaustion

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