Challenge Costs Calculated… Oh Dear…..

So I spent an hour or so going through training and participation costs of everything needed for each challenge including energy supplements, equipment, B&B hire etc. I was certainly surprised and I will have to get the money from somewhere… perhaps my part time IT work I do will go somewhat towards it.

Challenge Total Cost Remaining
Swimming 1,000 Lengths £97.93 £73.93
Great North Swim £119.00 £80.00
Coast to Coast to Coast (back again) £563.83 £563.83
Tough Mudder £157.11 £82.98
Great North Run £102.98 £52.98

The remainder works out as £853.72 to pay, working out at £142pm up until end of August.

I think I’ll create a savings account and put my extra money coming in into there so it is easier to separate. There is always the sponsorship route which I will look into very soon.

2 thoughts on “Challenge Costs Calculated… Oh Dear…..

  1. Yeah I had one of those moments when I paid £150 for plane tickets for my run in Dublin in April, have to do the same again in October, then there are the rest of the costing. Think of the benefits, they are less tangible but they justify the cost!

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