Haha I’m definitely logging this NYE fitness activity/run!

Imagine the scene, it was before 11pm on New Years Eve at my good friends Dean and Lucy’s house. The beer was flowing, the laughs were loud – but we started doing drinking games.

After a bit of Jenga which meant whoever knocked it over had to down a horrible shot I made for them – someone said we needed some cards. Dean and Lucy had none – I had loads at home included some limited edition Bicycle Ghost cards and Bicycle Jack Daniels cards.

So what do I decide to do, RUN the mile all the way home as fast as I could in my posh flat going out / work shoes, get the cards, then run back. Running back is PURE uphill – but I was well pleased with my pace. I was sweating at the party mind you for a good hour before the countdown – why do I do these things – why?


20131231_204018 20131231_210850 20131231_211019 20140101_001608 20140101_002034 20140101_002235

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