New Year, New Years Resolutions?

Most people give up chocolate and things, or is that Lent? Wait a minute I can’t think of any. Googled top new years resolutions, clicked 1st result.

Top 10 Commonly Broken New Year’s Resolutions

  • Lose Weight and Get Fit: Well I’m not blowing my own trumpet (because I never do) but I’ve done quite good last year, starting to run (RUNNING ME?), swimming a stupid number of lengths losing 3.5 stone since Christmas 2012. So I’m not doing too bad
  • Quit Smoking: DONE – that was easy
  • Learn Something New: This intrigues me, but do I have the time?
  • Eat Healthier and Diet: Already on a strict calorie controlled diet (well ignoring Christmas starting from now)
  • Get Out of Debt and Save Money: Well I’m pretty good when it comes to debt but saving money – nah – money in money out
  • Spend More Time with Family: Already think I’m doing plenty of this with the time constraints I have/give myself
  • Travel to New Places: Now this I would love but time & money
  • Be Less Stressed: This I like – I’ve downloaded lots more stuff which supposedly helps with my anxiety and stress etc. OK so this is one I’ll be doing.
  • Volunteer: Yeah because I don’t do enough of that already
  • Drink Less: NOT A CHANCE SON – all of those doing Dryathalon I salute

OK, OK, a lot of excuses here I admit with time and money being the main excuses. But I need to set myself something massive this year. I’m already proud of the weight and fitness I’ve gained but I know that there is a lot more for me to go in terms of getting fitter. Ang disagrees of course but she doesn’t want me to spend any more time away from her and Seb (ie Running/Swimming in evenings, Voluntary commitments etc). I’ll need to think hard about this.

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