I’m Running!! YAY!

OK so it wasn’t my fastest time… and the distance was quite measly, plus my fitness was pretty shocking after half way…. BUT… I ran nearly 6 miles without stopping, without any water and I massively enjoyed it!!!

After the injuries I’ve had and the LONG recovery I was worried about the legs, mostly my left ankle & shin and my right Achilles tendon but they were absolutely fine!

Being it 5th November the whole sky was lit with fireworks which was magical and fitting being it my first run in almost exactly 2 months since Great North Run. The fireworks were a good distraction from my shocking fitness but it’ll come back I’m sure.

It was a cold evening (4°C) but I soon warmed up with my long sleeve cycling top, high vis vest and compression shorts.

Due to the darkness there was no return to Rivington for now so I did a lap of Anderton to Adlington and home which I normally do but in reverse.



I found the going good at first before heading from Anderton to Adlington, my pace at a decent 7mph but I then just became shattered due to lack of energy – due to having toast in morning and a salad box for dinner… not the best running preparation. With a bit of fuel I might improve on this time dramatically – which I must do if I am to match 19th May’s run of the exact route in reverse and did it 10 mins faster with an average pace of 8 min/mile instead of 9:30 min/mile

I think I’ll have to cancel my physio appointment – I’ll just check on my recovery first 🙂 Well pleased to be back running!!!

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