A fast 130 lengths in 80 minutes at Bolton One

So after Cubs this evening I decided to go to Bolton One immediate after for a decent swim. I wanted to get well over 100 lengths as I have only been doing lately due to running out of time Horwich Leisure Centre’s tight time slots for swimming when there is no swimming club on.

I got to Bolton One and met up with Suzi who is now working there and we had a quick chat about that I’ve now completed the challenges and raised £4,500. She told me that she is moving to Australia soon to do some travelling and wished her all the best.

I was in the pool for 8:15 and got cracking – the first 30 lengths felt like an eternity and I had some ridiculously fast young swimmers from what looked like Bolton Dolphins where were swimming that fast it was hard swimming through their splashes and wakes haha – proper currents!

At 40 lengths I realised that I could get in 130 lengths so I thought about taking a rest at 50 lengths but I ended up carrying on until 66 leaving me with 64 to do.

I did both sets in 80 minutes which is the same if not better than when I was fit and training for the 1,000 lengths

13/03/2014 – 130 lengths – 89 min (From Swim Diary)
Quick swim before picking up Seb. Once again made to swim in main pool for a while but wasn’t too bad. Was quite quick at my swim

Hoping to do a run this week and see how my leg shapes up

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