Back on Insanity after skipping 3 Workouts

Due to illness I had to skip 3 Workouts, similar to when I had the illness around 4 weeks ago. I’ve been feeling proper guilty and a bit apprehensive before the workout.

Luckily tonight’s Workout was the first in the new “max” set again so it was almost like starting again.

I found it still so hard, with still a lot of moments just staring at the screen thinking that I can’t do anymore… but there’s definitely miles more improvement from the last one! I was able to do more reps and complete some sequences fully in the time allocated. Perhaps it’s because I was just coming out of my illness the last time I did it. But again, like when I first started the basic one and couldn’t do them, I should get better and get to a stage where I can do most of them.

Feeling quite positive now that I’m back on track, plus I shouldn’t be too hard on myself about skipping as I did swim 280 lengths on Sunday.

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