New Insanity Workout – Core Cardio and Balance

So tonight, with the zero energy and anxiety I’ve had all day I went ahead with the Insanity workout I have to do all week… well kinda. I got the Insanity Ultimate edition which means tonight I should have been doing the hour long Core Cardio and Balance (Max Interval Sports Training) workout – Not A Chance Sir! I instead opted for the standard 40 minute Core Cardio and Balance workout, expecting it to be a bit easier and looking forward to something new to try.

Shaun T explained that we are not going to cane our muscles during the workout as we have been doing that over the last 4 weeks. So at this point I felt good about it, until we were two thirds in…. AARGGHH the pulses! Instead of cardio exhaustion pain, it was muscle pain. A very good workout though! Felt used and abused as usual which normally means it’s done me good. I think I’ll do the same again tomorrow and again Thursday (swim day) and Wednesday, Friday and Saturday I’ll attempt the Core Cardio and Balance (Max Interval Sports Training) workout!!!

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