Week 4 Insanity & Aidy is fast!

On week 4 of Insanity… I think I’m feeling fitter although I still can’t do some workouts without stopping as my huge leg muscles let me down. I’ll get there!

I’m eating so much food now and much more awake in the day but my weight remains the same which is incredible. I was exhausted on Friday for my Insanity workout so I took one of my energy gels – couldn’t feel any effects but I did complete the workout so it must have helped?

Aidy is a beast – the last time I spoke to him about running he was doing 2/3 mile runs and I thought ah OK he’ll have to keep pushing until he starts running regular 10Ks…. until I saw him post this time and pace!!! 10K in around 45 mins.. I can’t do that… well I couldn’t before I started Insanity and started getting fit but still doubt I could run an average 7.5 min/mile for 45 mins. I’ll just tie myself to him during the Coast to Coast.


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