Whilst waiting nervously, I’m researching energy intakes for endurance events (ie 1000 x 25m swim)

So whilst I wait to find out if I made the cut for the Great North Run I’m doing research on the correct energy intakes I need if I’m going to do these massive endurance events.

Posted this on a nutrition website:

I’m planning on doing a 1,000 x 25m length swim in a pool for charity.Currently I’m doing 200 lengths in 2 hours so hoping to do the event over 10-11 hours.I’ve read loads of information about hydration and taking on electrolytes as discussed in this blog:
http://www.1vigor.com/article/swimming-performance-hydration-electrolyte-muscle-cramp/But what about the calorific intake during the event? Every 20 mins I’ll be taking on the required hydration and every hour I’m planning on getting out of the pool, spend a minute taking on some calories and and then get back into the pool.I estimated I’ll be burning around 9,000 calories during the whole event so I’ll need to replace lost calories each hour. This makes 900 calories per hour – doesn’t that seem a lot? What is your advice and what foods/liquids are recommended to be consumed?

For example, I found this product which says
“EZ Fuel Endurance 2:1 is a carbohydrate ratio of Maltodextrin and Fructose. It also contains electrolytes to maintain hydration levels”http://www.discount-supplements.co.uk/ez-fuel-endurance-2-1-1-5kg-bag-s#product_detailsPer 100g it gives 380kcal energy and they recommend to take 50g and mix with 500ml
so over an hour I would take around 250g with 2.5 litres of water?
Does this seem a lot? I’m worried about upset stomachs which I heard is easy when taking on too much energy and electrolytes.I drink around a litre of water per hour normally when I do my 200 length swim

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