Must find energy

After being stood up on the train to Manchester, exhibiting on foot all day, missing train, waiting for next one an hour later stood up, stood up on 7pm train to Horwich, having to power walk from Middlebrook to home…. one could forgive me for skipping Insanity tonight with my back……… NEVER!!!!! WE WILL NEVER SURRENDER!!!!!

Don’t Stop Me Now!

5am – Get up
6am – 3pm Work
4pm – Swim 100 lengths (800 cals)
5pm – Pick up son and do errands
6pm – Bath son
7pm – Cook tea, wash pots and do clothes wash
8pm – Eat tea, prepare work stuff
9pm – Insanity Workout (900 cals)
10pm – Prepare 4 meals and uniform for tomorrow
11pm – Sleep

No rest or play, just another day.

Week 4 Insanity & Aidy is fast!

On week 4 of Insanity… I think I’m feeling fitter although I still can’t do some workouts without stopping as my huge leg muscles let me down. I’ll get there!

I’m eating so much food now and much more awake in the day but my weight remains the same which is incredible. I was exhausted on Friday for my Insanity workout so I took one of my energy gels – couldn’t feel any effects but I did complete the workout so it must have helped?

Aidy is a beast – the last time I spoke to him about running he was doing 2/3 mile runs and I thought ah OK he’ll have to keep pushing until he starts running regular 10Ks…. until I saw him post this time and pace!!! 10K in around 45 mins.. I can’t do that… well I couldn’t before I started Insanity and started getting fit but still doubt I could run an average 7.5 min/mile for 45 mins. I’ll just tie myself to him during the Coast to Coast.


Back to fitness ways I think… just

So last night I caned the Insanity 45 minĀ Pure Cardio session without stopping and THEN did the Insane Abs 40 min workout right afterwards. Really happy although felt my muscles a bit achy from my cold and a bit sniffly still today but still very chuffed.

I’ve got lots of nice things to eat today which I prepared yesterday. Before Insanity last night I prepared 5 meals, 1 for tea last night (baked cod… oh delish!) andĀ 4 for today…


I love my thick pink gloop I get in the mornings. Porridge oats, fresh berries, raisins, nuts, protein powder, milk.


My elevenses shake (berries, milk, protein powder, banana, peanut butter) is always good, although I wasn’t sure why it was brown instead of it’s normal pink…. should I be worried? :O


For din dins I had prawn cocktail on bread with veg….


For my 4 o’clock I had 1 slice crammed with peanut butter and jam and a full tub of cottage cheese.

Then for 8pm tea I had baked cod covered in breadcrumbs with steamed veg (and a bit of naughty tartar sauce… YUM!!!

20140220_201058_Leicester Ave[1]

Before my tea I had a 2 mile swim and after tea I did my Insanity Cardio Recovery, which still isn’t as easy as it sounds. Then made 4 meals for Friday and then bed… what a life :-/

Back on Insanity… still not 100%

After thinking I was better last night I decided to do an Insanity workout… it happened to be the plyometric cardio workout (40 minute). Half way through I could tell my cold was still there and limiting my progress. I completed the first and second set of drills but I had to stop half way through the final set as I had zero energy. This morning I feel rotten with cold now. Been a week now.

Come On Body! Sort this bloomin cold out! What do I feed you for?

Training Schedule Done!

So I’ve done a first attempt or draft at my training schedule which can be viewed from here: Google ICAL Calendar Link

OMG so much to do! I’m going to be so busy all the way up to September. A MASSIVE sacrifice meaning I’m going to miss out on most of the summer relaxing, too many beers etc etc. I can at least look forward to St Bees in July.

With the planning, the biggest thing I have tried to do is fit it around Angela and Seb, although it might not look like it. Most of the evening training is after 7pm so I will be seeing Seb before he goes to bed. There are a lot of weekend commitments that sometimes take up half a day but this was expected training for some of the killer endurance challenges.

It IS SO difficult trying to justify this to Angela as they are both no.1 and my world, They come first but with pool opening times, work and voluntary commitments I have had to put a little bit of family time to the side so I can get the right training done.

Then the question remains Why am I doing these things if they are not as important as family? That’s a tough question to ask. Firstly, my overall lifestyle has changed anyway with fitness and healthy eating which takes up so much time and I cannot have this AND the free time I used to have cuddling on the sofa on a Wednesday watching Emmerdale. The challenges are important to me because things like these were so far away from my grasp a couple of years ago and I feel that now is the right time to attack it whilst I am still young and the time before we start having sprog number 2 and 3.

Angela is so supportive and understands what this means to me. I’ll go through this training schedule again with her and I’ll move things around to ensure that we can have maximum family time whilst keeping this strict training program.

Insanity 5am

Doing Insanity at 5am because you love the sound of Shaun T screaming in your ears. Haha 10 days done, 50 to go. Any improvement? Nope still hellish! I suppose that’s what’s it’s called Insanity. At least one can sometimes keep going further than some people in the video who are ripped! My leg muscles let me down. Bigger is not always better and stronger

Sick or exhausted, maybe both

After that salad I had this afternoon it just hasn’t sat well at all on me. When I got home I had a huge meal at 4 aiming for 500 calories but that’s also just sat in me.
I did Insanity anyway which was ok and mainly just stretching and muscle acheness has almost gone. Maybe my abs being in bits is the reason why I feel sick.
I am shattered though, going bed now looking forward to a 12 hour sleep.