340 Lengths Completed

Had 4 pints and half a bottle of wine last night…. had to be done….. United won for the second time in a row and I just needed a beer…. and a spicy curry…. (note to self – no more spicy curries the night before a huge swim).

Even still, I woke up fresh, got my swimming plan done, energy drinks made, loaded up on carbs, shaking with energy ready to go….. get to the Horwich Leisure Centre….. Closed due to the Sports Relief Swimathon???

Luckily, the helpful lady at the desk called all of the leisure centres around and found Farnworth Leisure Centre was open and available for the 4 hours needed to do the distance training.

I went unsure what to expect but Farnworth Leisure Centre is GREAT! It’s clean, the changing rooms are fantastic and the pool had lots of room to swim, even on a “busy day” as they had the Swimathons on too.

I spoke to lots of people who were interested in what I was doing, received a lot of excellent feedback and good lucks 🙂

The swim went really well, my energy wasn’t too terrible as I’m learning to take the energy drinks at the right time, every 10 mins when I was really feeling the drain. I spent a bit more time having breaks between each section including talking to people, taking toilet breaks and making up more drinks. I was still completely exhausted though and can sympathise with Angela with having a quarter of a husband for the rest of the day.

Warm Up First Sub-Section Main Section Second Sub-Section Cool Down
Lengths 50 60 120 60 50
Pace 60% 80% See Below 70% 60%
Minutes 50 44 79 51 50
Actual 31 38 74 43 34
Main Section 1 Main Section 2 Main Section 3 Main Section 4
Lengths 30 30 30 30
Minutes 25 25 25 25
Actual 17 18 19 20
Pace 80% 80% 80% 80%

20140323_090453_Rotherhead Close 20140323_094132_Squirrel Ln 20140323_161911_Leicester Ave

I found the swim a lot easier and it went a lot quicker than the 280 length swim I did last Sunday. It was a bit surreal seeing all of the people doing swimathons and the support they were getting from family and friends who came down to support them.

I celebrated in my head when I went over the 300 and 333 lengths milestones! 420 next week and I’m going to Farnworth again because I was really impressed. Plus I found out that the pool is open 9am to 4pm which is 7 hours, probably enough to do the 600 lengths practice swim but still not enough to do the 800 practice swim.

I’m starting to feel really confident now, actually believing I can do A Thousand Lengths in several weeks!

Difficult in making people distinguish “me time” vs training

One thing I’ve come to realise is that a lot of people, including Ang, think that the training I’m doing is “Me Time”… as if it’s exactly what I want to be doing at that moment in time, like I enjoy doing a sickening Insanity Workout every night of the week, two huge swims twice a week, no beers, no treats, simple food etc.
I appreciate from the outside looking in, the view is “well Paul it’s your choice and you are taking it too seriously”. I train so hard and take it seriously because I want to be at the top of my possible fitness. Why push the final killer repetition in a workout to then start eating crap and missing Workouts etc. I have become obsessive at times but that’s me dealing with beating my anxieties of being ready for the challenges.
I HAVE to be at my maximum for the 1,000 swim. Support is so important though and it can be VERY lonely this path sometimes. Sometimes I just think about giving up but that simply is not an option.
I am enjoying seeing the results, feeling fitter and stronger but there are definitely bad days!

At last, smashed the 13st mark, it wasn’t a plateau

I had a personal joke where for some reason my scales kept telling me I was 13st 0.6lbs… then if I had a naughty day I went up and then after solid hard work I went down… to exactly 13st 0.6lbs again. This happened about 4 times… 0.6 of a pound – that’s 272 grams! Only took a powerful swim and an Insanity Workout to do it. Wonder if I’ll be back to 13st 0.6lbs on Sunday?

Well waking up this morning explains my exhaustion and dizzyness…

Headache, drowsy, chesty cough, achy muscles…. yep a virus is absolutely the reason why I’ve been light headed and dizzy the last 2 days and the reason for my sore back and exhaustion last night.

I’m actually QUITE GLAD I have it… OK you’re thinking this ginger guy has lost it… but it gives me a positive reason to justify my energy levels and aches so I can look forward to training once it’s gone. Didn’t do my Insanity last night but it was only a stretch session. I’ll try and do my session tonight.

To further cheer myself up, I made myself a valentines pink protein porridge (OK accident about pinkness)

20140214_100446_Blaven Close

First Swim Back… not massively happy!

So I get into the pool for the first time in just under a month and I wasn’t too sure how much energy I’d have as I’ve been quite light headed and dizzy the last two days even though I’ve been eating and sleeping well as well as not overdoing it with cardio/Insanity.

I got in with my new orange swimming hat (0 points for coolness) and put my new Speedo goggle on (amazing – no leakage). Felt weird at first swimming with a hat on but I did my first 64 lengths in 38 minutes even though I felt a bit unpracticed. Was this the Insanity workout helping my muscles and fitness to do this speed? After this point, hoping to do another mile it all went downhill. The ONLY lane available to lane swim become another THIRD teaching lane…. THREE TEACHING LANES???

So, determined to carry on I had to swim, dodging through the kids doing their fun, general swim sometimes having to stop just before I got to the end as there was no where to go apart from a wall of kids… GOD THIS PEED ME RIGHT OFF…. So I did as much as I could and after 36 lengths (aiming for 100 total) I realised my back was getting really sore…. This worried me as this was only a tenth of my total I have to attempt in 2 months.

I also become absolutely exhausted and as soon as I picked up Seb and got him to bed I was in bed myself ready for sleep at 7:30pm.

Positives: New hat and goggles were ace, new 38 minute PB for mile
Negatives: Dodging/punching kids out of the way, bad back, exhaustion

Insanity – One Week In…. 7 / 60 days

One week in… I’m not sure if it’s made a huge difference just yet but it is early days.

The workouts are repeated now which gives me an indication of progress. Saturday’s Plyometric Cardio Circuit (look at me copying and pasting that pretending that I know what it means) was a little easier than the previous/first time I did it. My muscles at first were dying, especially in my huge legs which need so much energy to get going. My running started off like that – I had to build my legs before pushing my fitness so now hopefully I’ll be getting faster and stronger.

A little more shredding around the abdominal area would be desired but I’m not cutting calories anymore – I’m actually eating 1,000 calories than I used to.

The thing I’ve learned quickly is that more calories is more energy to do more cardio to burn off fat and build muscle. Sounds simple but more calories to lose fat sounds crazy!

Dry February for me


So I have 4 beers and a glass of wine tonight and I’ve woke up at 5am on a Saturday. It’s definately the alcohol that’s causing it and won’t help this cold at all. Plus Seb’s been up all night so I’ll have to cancel football today. Supposed to be walking to Rivington Pike today lol