Progress Report: Not too bad

A quick update. Running is getting there but time is critical now finding an hour to get out and run. Managed to do 10K for the first time a couple of weeks ago and last week only managed to do 1 run. Went for a run with Amanda on Monday night and we did a new personal best distance for her, doing 6 miles. I really enjoy running with Amanda and seeing her progress and improvement. Looking forward to another run on Friday. Would love to be doing more but so busy midweek now.

Fitness update

So I’ve been running at least 2-3 times a week with or without Amanda as good training for Tough Mudder. I’ve also just been GIVEN a road bike to practice for the coast to coast challenge and also a turbo trainer to train indoors. After 45 minutes I was shattered but am sure it will at least do my fitness good.

Still no real weight changes at 13st 10th with all of the healthy eating and running/cycling but am sure it will come good eventually.

Learned a lot from last night’s run.

So I went out late for a quick run around Rivington concerned that every time I do so my left calf/ankle gets really sore. So I walked to Rivington School car park as my warm up runs to here is what I thought normally causes it. So I walked and stretched out my legs and off I went.

Less then a mile at the reservoir my ankle was hurting again. AAARRGGHH FRUSTRATION! So at this point I started to really think. What is causing this? Could it be my technique? Well I realised that the ball if my foot was hitting the ground really hard rather than being a cushioned smooth flow. I realised that I wasn’t using the back of heel of my foot. So I started doing so, think that I had no idea if this would work.

At this point I left the fell running paths (after getting lost again) where I love running on the muddy soil which normally cushions my running which massively helps and all I had was concrete road. Here a huge alsatian went for me!! The owner had it on a retractable lead and didn’t have it secured and the dog was inches from reaching me. I screamed out “WWWOOOOWWWW CONTROL YOUR DOG!!”

After thinking about just surviving this and carrying on with my running technique I realised, my pain wasn’t getting any worse. It was actually helping! Here I kicked into a decent 7.5mph run for the final mile home.

So now I thought at last! I can finally concentrate on longer runs where my ankle has been thwarting me. I’m now getting really ambitious about doing 10Ks in 45 mins – which works out at 8.2mph for over 6 miles. Need to push now!

Watch this space.