Events I’m Doing This Year

A quick update on some of the events in definitely doing, should be doing or might be doing this year.

Saturday 21st February
Badass Mucker
With Amanda and friends
Definitely Doing

Saturday/Sunday 1st/2nd August
Tough Mudder Yorkshire

Saturday/Sunday 12th/13th September
Tough Mudder North West

Friday 24th – Sunday 26th July
Coast to Coast and Back Again… Again
With friends of Ste Rothwell and Johnny Turnbull
Definitely Doing

Sunday 10th May
Manchester 10K
With Carole Mawby, spouse of C2C Stephen
Might be Doing

Sunday 5th July
Colour Run 5K
With Amanda and friends
Might be Doing

Saturday 31st October
Liverpool Blacklight Run
Amanda and Friends
Might be Doing

It’s been a while…

Well it’s been a while since I posted something but didn’t want to post boring stuff. So a quick update – well last night was only my third run of the year. Injuries, soreness and colds have put me out the last 6 weeks or so. Bit I’ve needed to get back out again as I was worried about my fitness levels, especially with a running event Badass Mucker coming up a week on Saturday.

However, last night’s run was really good, I mean better than I hoped. I played in a football game on Saturday and my fitness was pretty good so I was quite optimistic before last night’s run. I felt ok before and ate a lot of fruit during the day but no meal until afterwards.

I set off and my left calf started feeling tender, it’s been causing me problems lately including an injury sustained whilst doing a 10 minute Riverdance at Ang & Maria’s 30th last weekend that put me out for a week.

Quickly deviating from this post for a second, I’m doing the C2C in three days in July with some friends of Ste. One of them does marathons and half marathons for fun. He told me he warms up with a light run, then after half to a full mile he stops, does stretches and THEN starts his run. So this is what I did.

After half a mile at the Rivington School car park I did leg stretches, especially concentrating on the calves and it gave them a new lease of life. My energy levels, surprisingly were ‘puzzlingly’ also quite good. I’ve just started taking some herbal medication recently, one which is a Sea Kelp supplement which aids digestion, metabolism & energy and also taking some expensive anxiety herbal medication which also aids energy. I’m not sure if these were directly responsible but I felt like I’ve never been away.

After my run boom 6.8min/mile which is pretty good, fastest this year. The last time I was this quick was on a run in June last year. I’m hoping to do another run on Thursday depending on my ‘two day ache’ so we’ll see how it goes – but overall very happy.


^ On purpose I went off my normal path to experiment and lost and came across this obstacle ^