Lovely email from Margaret Broadfoot

So on Sunday I took part in the Blackrod Remembrance Parade with my Cub Scout group and Margaret Broadfoot, ex-district commissioner for our district said she had some sponsor money for me. Amazing to see that sponsorship is STILL coming in. Yesterday I split this between the charities and emailed her to say thank you, including a few pics of Sebastian and Angela having a good time at Blackpool.

Then Margaret replied with this:

Hi Paul, it was good to see you and Sebastian as well, as you say he was really good. Love the blackpool photos, he’s obviously having a brilliant time (so’s Angela by the looks of it!).

It’s a privilege to sponsor you, I think what you have done is amazing and you should be proud of yourself for achieving what you said you would. Well done!


This is one of the reasons why this is so addictive getting praise for doing something hard and being recognised for it. Absolutely want to do more in a few years we shall see.

My brother Pete has told me that there is a 5 daily marathon race in the Sahara Desert I could take part in that costs only £4,000 to take part….. I’ll add it to the list

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