Injury still there since run 2 weeks ago

It’s a good job I didn’t cancel the physio which is this Friday. Still not running even though I’ve purchased a head torch fur the unlit roads and some new headphones. I’ve been swimming at least once a week which seems to be keeping extra weight off but still want to lose the 6lbs I’ve put on since the challenges finished. I’ve purchased an underwater mp3 player for swimming and Monday’s 150 lengths went by in a flash with good pace. There’s still some positives on my road to recovery and to fitness. Hope Friday’s physio fixes me

150 lengths aided by new MP3 player

The pace wasn’t as quick as the 120 length swim 2 weeks ago but I’ve not swam 150 lengths since the swimming challenge back in May so really happy with my push back to fitness.
Today I used my new underwater Sony MP3 player which helped tremendously. The audio wasn’t massively loud especially when I was listening to Ricky Gervais podcasts but when I could here it I choked on the water a few times from laughing.

Lovely email from Margaret Broadfoot

So on Sunday I took part in the Blackrod Remembrance Parade with my Cub Scout group and Margaret Broadfoot, ex-district commissioner for our district said she had some sponsor money for me. Amazing to see that sponsorship is STILL coming in. Yesterday I split this between the charities and emailed her to say thank you, including a few pics of Sebastian and Angela having a good time at Blackpool.

Then Margaret replied with this:

Hi Paul, it was good to see you and Sebastian as well, as you say he was really good. Love the blackpool photos, he’s obviously having a brilliant time (so’s Angela by the looks of it!).

It’s a privilege to sponsor you, I think what you have done is amazing and you should be proud of yourself for achieving what you said you would. Well done!


This is one of the reasons why this is so addictive getting praise for doing something hard and being recognised for it. Absolutely want to do more in a few years we shall see.

My brother Pete has told me that there is a 5 daily marathon race in the Sahara Desert I could take part in that costs only £4,000 to take part….. I’ll add it to the list

Injury is back

Yep the run did absolute no good to my leg – the injury is still there. Been doing my hobble-runs at footy today. I’m just hoping that the injuries go away quicker than last time and perhaps this is how it is – recovery taking longer each time. I think I’ll still go to the physiotherapist to talk about injuries and recovery.

I’m Running!! YAY!

OK so it wasn’t my fastest time… and the distance was quite measly, plus my fitness was pretty shocking after half way…. BUT… I ran nearly 6 miles without stopping, without any water and I massively enjoyed it!!!

After the injuries I’ve had and the LONG recovery I was worried about the legs, mostly my left ankle & shin and my right Achilles tendon but they were absolutely fine!

Being it 5th November the whole sky was lit with fireworks which was magical and fitting being it my first run in almost exactly 2 months since Great North Run. The fireworks were a good distraction from my shocking fitness but it’ll come back I’m sure.

It was a cold evening (4°C) but I soon warmed up with my long sleeve cycling top, high vis vest and compression shorts.

Due to the darkness there was no return to Rivington for now so I did a lap of Anderton to Adlington and home which I normally do but in reverse.



I found the going good at first before heading from Anderton to Adlington, my pace at a decent 7mph but I then just became shattered due to lack of energy – due to having toast in morning and a salad box for dinner… not the best running preparation. With a bit of fuel I might improve on this time dramatically – which I must do if I am to match 19th May’s run of the exact route in reverse and did it 10 mins faster with an average pace of 8 min/mile instead of 9:30 min/mile

I think I’ll have to cancel my physio appointment – I’ll just check on my recovery first 🙂 Well pleased to be back running!!!

A fast 130 lengths in 80 minutes at Bolton One

So after Cubs this evening I decided to go to Bolton One immediate after for a decent swim. I wanted to get well over 100 lengths as I have only been doing lately due to running out of time Horwich Leisure Centre’s tight time slots for swimming when there is no swimming club on.

I got to Bolton One and met up with Suzi who is now working there and we had a quick chat about that I’ve now completed the challenges and raised £4,500. She told me that she is moving to Australia soon to do some travelling and wished her all the best.

I was in the pool for 8:15 and got cracking – the first 30 lengths felt like an eternity and I had some ridiculously fast young swimmers from what looked like Bolton Dolphins where were swimming that fast it was hard swimming through their splashes and wakes haha – proper currents!

At 40 lengths I realised that I could get in 130 lengths so I thought about taking a rest at 50 lengths but I ended up carrying on until 66 leaving me with 64 to do.

I did both sets in 80 minutes which is the same if not better than when I was fit and training for the 1,000 lengths

13/03/2014 – 130 lengths – 89 min (From Swim Diary)
Quick swim before picking up Seb. Once again made to swim in main pool for a while but wasn’t too bad. Was quite quick at my swim

Hoping to do a run this week and see how my leg shapes up