Felt really down today

This morning I had a chat with someone who said that I was selfish and in it for myself when doing these challenges. I had an absolute breakdown and started thinking that loads of people were thinking and saying this behind my back.

This irrational thinking was obviously not the case as it was my anxiety kicking into full flow. I put on Facebook that if anyone else thought this I’d disown them. Slightly over the top lol but I was so hurt at the time.

Luckily loads of people came back to me piling on praise and encouragement and it cheered me right up. It was lovely even though I didn’t want the praise as the challenges were never about any self gain.

I do need the support though and it’s nice to know that the majority of people would hopefully support me again if it came to future challenges.

I need understand that sometimes in life people will disagree and have counter-opinions with some things you do and even if it’s over some things that you are so proud of just DON’T have or STOP having the conversation with them. Easy! No potential negative vibes.

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