24 Hour Football Game – Great for my legs

This blog has been so quiet now the challenges have been completed and I’ve not been able to do any running, apart from the odd swim etc. It has been difficult to adapt and keep still especially with the injuries.

Blabbing on about my injuries is the least people want to read about but I want to reflect on how much I put myself through and how long it took to recover from particular injuries in case I do further challenges in the future.

Anyway, this weekend I took part in a 24 Hour football game where from 9:30pm Friday to 9:30pm Saturday our challenge was to keep a ball constantly moving on a pitch.
The first 5-a-side team was made up of AFC Masters football players from the disability football club I help coach.
The second team consists of an hourly interchanging 5-a-side team from the Bolton area.

Basically if our players were not playing they should be upstairs in the on-site youth centre sleeping, which was never the case.

I’m in absolute awe of how our players coped with it. Guys with a range of mental and physical disabilities and they just cracked on without any complaints.

Initially my involvement was minimal due to resting my leg, plus I had to get back at 2am to get up with Sebastian in the morning. I was straight back at 8am and could see a few struggling and as the day wained in I got more and more involved, as goalkeeper obviously to rest the leg.

Still the little involvement took it’s toll on my legs, especially as I was stood up or moving about the whole time. My current injuries on my left leg aren’t worse if not a little flared, but my right leg I have a very sore achillies tendon and a sore knee. A lot of rest is needed and probably no fitness this week especially with this cold I have.

Still I’m glad I could crack on with another challenge to keep my mind occupied but I now need to put all of my time into Angela and Sebastian who have been incredibly supportive.

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