17 days after the Great North Run

Left leg still not working. Very sore whenever I put weight on it after sat or lying down for a considerable amount of time.
OK the awesome Scout trainee leader camp last weekend didn’t help as much, nor did it help pitching my tent at the highest point up a big hill and the foot of the hill was our Scout Base – meaning going up and down that thing 10 times a day. PLUS the trekking whilst searching for fire wood and the various activities I did.
I really miss running, even Angela went for a run on Monday! Wanted to go for a swim last night but one of my customers had IT issues so I had to pop by his on the way home.
I really hope this pain goes away soon. It was about this bad before the GNR and then I made it worse. So I’m hoping in a couple of weeks it’s ok enough to do some light runs. It will be strange running for just fitness and enjoyment reasons, not for a huge challenge.
Part of me is wanting to do more challenges next year, part of me is waking up saying “You’re broken already!”. PLUS Angela will NEVER allow me to do Five Challenges again for the foreseeable future. We’ll see!

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