10 days after GNR

Well the legs are a lot easier to walk on but are still pretty sore. I went for a swim last night which went really well, 100 lengths in an hour which is equalling my best pace. My fitness was a little lower than normal but that was expected. I still pushed hard and only gave myself one rest at 50 lengths. The pool water at Horwich Leisure Centre seems much cooler than I remember. I wonder if this is because of my 1,000 lengths overheating episode resulting in A&E via ambulance. Who knows?

I have put in about 10lbs in weight and I can feel it and see it in my face! This is because of not being able to go for a run so I think swimming twice a week whilst the leg repairs should do the trick as thankfully the leg doesn’t hurt much when I swim. I have taken on WAY to many calories lately including Saturday’s 13 pint fest with my top mate Jonathan Turnbull (Tough Mudder teammate) although that was training for the Germany Stag do in two weeks haha!

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