Two days after GNR, A&E trip no. 2

Back to A&E, second time since after the 1,000 length swim but this time there was no ambulance I am pleased to announce. The leg is still as painful as it was yesterday so I needed to get it checked out. I called 111 NHS Direct and they ordered me to go to A&E as they thought I might have had a stress fracture resulting in around 6 weeks out of action! Please God No!

Thankfully A&E confirmed that it was just tissue damage. The doctor assessing me REMEMBERED me from the last time I was in there, asking me “You do like punishing yourself don’t you?”.

So now I’m just caked up on painkillers and ibuprofen which has shot up my anxiety levels which isn’t nice. I’ve had to take the day off work which the boss has been cool about and I think I’ll need tomorrow off as Ang has the car and no way I can get the train in.

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