Post GNR Pain

Since yesterday I’ve had a sleep and I’ve woken up to the most agonising pain in my left leg. I can’t put any weight down at all on my left calf muscle. My sister is saying go to A&E but I’ll refrain from ever going to that place if I can. I’ve asked to see if I can borrow my dad’s crutches for the short term and at the moment I’m just wheeling about on my computer chair making brews and keeping busy whilst I enjoy the day off work.

Now with hindsight would I have done anything differently? No not really – the injuries are a result of over training when I should have been resting and walking on injured legs during the C2C2C challenge. The over training is the nature of the beast of doing Five Challenges in such a short period of time, that had ALSO been a huge challenge for me physically and mental to fit everything in.
I don’t regret running the GNR with a sore leg and I’m still proud of completing it without stopping. The time doesn’t bother me as I knew it became a completely different race after the half way mark when things started to hurt and it was just a matter of getting there in one or as little pieces as possible (drama queen).
I am tempted to do it again and aim to do it around 1:45 and NOT get an injury lol! I’d probably do it with someone else though who could push me around.

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