T’was the night before GNR

Probably the least difficult of the ‘Fierce Five Challenges’ being honest, but the stress levels since Tuesday have been on another level and I mean REALLY stressed and anxious where I’ve had a dull sick feeling in my chest all week. Today it was the worst having headaches and being irritable and panicky and horrible. WHY? I don’t know!!!
Perhaps it’s to do with the fact that last night I posted my travel plans of parking at the finish line for 7am – everyone replied you’ve no chance parking at that time and cutting it short with getting to the start area in time. It wasn’t just that it was the way some spoke to me acting a little sinister and not nice. So today I’ve had to decide that we’re getting up at 2am to set off at 3am to arrive there for 6am. MADNESS! I met up with Jonathan Turnbull, the guy who did the Tough Mudder with me and we went through some hotels last minute. Not a chance. £200 a night in Newcastle and the £69 hotels 30 miles out were all booked. I was stressed because I didn’t particularly want to stay in a B&B the night before but I admit that getting up at 2am for a 10:40am start run is crazy.
Perhaps also the anxiety is also due to that my injuries have made a slight dull return today, my left hamstring, ankle and knee having been doing my head in. I bought some state of the art tape as recommended by Johnny and I’ve got everything ready.

Jonathan gave me some good advice and said to stop worrying about everything and just start concentrating on the race and on how much you’ll enjoy it! He’s absolutely right! I was buzzing and excited before the Great North Swim so I need to get into the same mentality for tomorrow.

I just hope my legs stay in there and I can put in a decent time of around 2 hours. A sub 2 hours was once achievable but now with the injuries and lack of running and fitness I’ll be happy with a 2 hour finish or there abouts.

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