4 days before GNR – Legs much better

The pains have almost completely gone from my calves and quadriceps, still a bit there on my left ankle bit in hoping that will also clear for Sunday.



The weather forecast looks perfect for the run. Not too hot, light winds – but again this is the North East and anything can change in terms of weather in the next 4 days.

I’m feeling relatively less anxious about it now although on Monday I was having a particular rubbish day with my anxiety getting me down, probably a mixture of pre-run nerves, being behind in work with my main job and also being behind in work with the extra part time work I also do including graphics work for a bar and teaching a guy about the basics of IT.

Today I feel much better and after tonight I can start to relax and think about the run and calm my mind.

I just don’t want to get another injury or niggle which will ruin my run and I just want to enjoy the day.

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