6 days before GNR – Progress/Injuries Report….

Legs are getting there but are still a bit sore at times around the left ankle and left quads. The left calf seems OK now and my right leg is absolutely fine. I’d LOVE to go out for a run but terrified of picking up an injury or stressing my legs ruining my chances of doing the GNR on Sunday. 

So I don’t plan to run this week which will be 3 weeks or around 12 runs I’ve missed out on because of the injury. 13 miles is going to be so tough but like the other four challenges I’ve done this year I am SO mentally strong and I WILL complete this on Sunday unless I receive a horrific injury. The good news is that Angela and Sebastian will be there so this will encourage me massively to get it done when comparing it to having no one there.

The weather is looking pretty decent for it although this is 6 days away AND being the North East which is unpredictable. 


I’ve already said I’ll have missed 3 weeks of running because of the injury and it’s beginning to show, putting on 7lbs of weight due to still eating and drinking like a king. Friday I didn’t have any beers but I more than made up for this on Saturday’s pretty much all day session football and a surprise 30th party. Yesterday I was hungover, had huge oven fish and chips and Eaton mess which I made for me and Ang – so I can’t COMPLETELY blame the injury for the weight gain. It’ll all come off though pretty quickly as my metabolism is still decent at the moment.

I suppose because I know I can’t do Sunday to a high pace I’ve just been laid back with the diet and not being able to train – I’m just going to go for it at an easy 70% pace and enjoy the day – this is after all the cherry on the top of a hard summer of events for me!

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