Two mini runs with Amanda

So Amanda, my awesome friend and parent guru who I’ve known for 16 years has started running and when I told her on Wednesday I was thinking of going for a run she asked if she could join me. As she was new to running she only wanted to do a small distance which was great for me as my legs were still sore from Tuesday’s run. So we did around 6 miles which went to the end of lower Rivington reservoir and came back on ourselves through the paths that cover the roads.

It was really good having the company and chat all the way round, even though she did accidentally punch me in the leg! My fault.

Then Friday we power-walked it from her house to the Pike castle in Rivington then ran back through the fast downhill paths to Rivington and Blackrod High School.

Amanda said she really enjoyed the runs, especially Wednesday’s and was impressed with how far she went and how much she enjoyed it! Great! I think she’s got the running bug and promised to join me more!

A did a mini run on Sunday – Left my car in the middle of Horwich on the Saturday (football beers) and came back for it this Sunday morning, I decided on the way to collect it I’ll do a short run so I got on my running gear. Just before I got to the car I crossed a runner and did the old ‘I don’t know you but hello’ and then a little distance later got in car and drove it home. Then I got out and saw the runner coming down my road so I got out quickly and went to run towards the runner, crossed again and did the old ‘hello’ again…. His confused face…. HOW DID HE GET HERE SO FAST?

So 1 decent run Tuesday, 2 great mini runs with Amanda on Wednesday and Friday then a very small one on Sunday. My legs are a bit sore today but it’s more ligament than muscular pain including my left ankle. I’m hoping it will clear in time for tomorrow’s run, hoping to push 10 miles but won’t attempt over half that if the legs are still bad.

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