Quick run but hopefully getting fitter

Went for a run last night and the focus was take it easy. I was looking originally at doing at least a 10 mile run but time was against me with Ang doing her Zumba afterwards.

I went down Crown Lane, past Adlington and cut up back towards Millstone and back home.

My Runtastic summary said my pace was the same as my run through Rivington just before Tough Mudder but my rest time this time was only 3 minutes compared to the previous 13 minutes. Then again this could all be down to running downhill, sticking to roads and most importantly the inclines were almost half of my previous Rivington run. Still the roads weren’t flat! My muscles and especially left ankle was getting sore but it held up.

I don’t feel too bad this morning apart from having a slight cold. Hoping to do 3-4 runs this week which will mean I’ll need to go tonight as well aarrgghh we’ll see son!

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