7 mile run – warm and definitely not as fit as I have been

Went for a brief run tonight because I’ve hardly since anything since finishing the C2C2C challenge and needed to wear in my new shoes. I had to stop at least 4 times which really disappointed me. There was a huge hill when I went clockwise around Yarrow Reservoir for the first time ever but my fitness was not there. My new shoes seem ok though and really cushiony with the gel soles and gel shoe supports.


I’m definitely not as fit as I was when I had completed the Insanity Workout and the swimming challenges. I really thought I’d continue my level of fitness or level off at the high level of fitness I’ve been at but I’ve slightly tailed off lately especially since the holiday in the Lakes after the C2C2C challenge. I only hope I’ll be ok for the Tough Mudder challenge and not let anyone down.

Gareth Macdonald, one of the guys doing it as well has been training non stop since the beginning of the year and lost between 3-4 stone in weight. Recently he’s been doing high intensity training sessions twice a day! I’ve not! It’s THIS I’m worried about being a dead weight for the team. We shall have to wait and see.

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