A Beautiful, Incredible Donation just came through and I had to share this

I had to share this as right now I have the biggest smile and warmest humbleness (is that a word…. spellcheck hasn’t underlined it so I’m having it).

This morning on my Facebook, the The Chris Evans Breakfast Show popped up with:

Morning you lot.

Time to submit your applications for the #GOODMORNINGCHRISCLUB.

Why do you deserve entry this morning?

So I thought I’d go for it and post about the C2C2C challenge:

Good morning Chris and the Gang…… Please can I be in the club as this weekend I start a gruelling 8 day intense endurance event cycling up and down the mountains of Lake District National Park, the Yorkshire Dales and North Yorkshire Moors. Then I’m going to run back through them. All for a fantastic charity!


Then the reply to this wasn’t from Chris or the team… in fact that now seems irrelevant, after the reply I DID receive:

ChrisEvansFBPageCommentsIt was me who briefly spoke to a lovely gentleman in a reading room at the grand and beautiful Parkhouse B&B. Parkhouse was one of the B&Bs we stopped at to drop off supplies for when we arrived at each location (read here). I was in such a rush to get home to a family BBQ my chat to him (Stephen) was very brief. Stephen was very keen on finding out more about the challenge so I am now so glad that I’ve had the chance to link with him via the internet and this fantastic chance of luck.

Finally, what happened next was truly wonderful. I received an email from JustGiving notifying me that £120 had just been donated by an anonymous person but thankfully their donation comment allowed me to realise that it was Stephen who made the donation:



Thanks to Stephen, my donations total is now £500, half of my target which is absolutely fantastic and considering I started pushing for donations only 2 days ago.

Truly emotional about this – some incredible amazing people around : )


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