Three Days before C2C2C

How do I feel? Excited, nervous, hopeful, cautious, terrified. As I write this now on the train my left ankle is a bit sore – I hope this sorts itself before I go.

Still so much to sort out including arranging three nights B&Bs, protein bags, Robin Hoods Bay arrival bag, water stops, bike shops, purchase a new rucksack, cheque I still have to make for Kidz2gether presentation tonight, arrange the fundraising event at Bowling Green for when we get back, posters for that, brewery, raffle prizes. My god the list never ends, I’ve never been this busy before!

I am secretly looking forward to it but my pessimistic side is constantly searching my memory banks checking for anything I might have forgotten which is exhausting!

Last night I spent two hours upgrading a GoPro bike mount to make it more stable. I’ll be glad I did this. I hope I have enough storage to capture everything. I might get Aidy’s folks at the Robin Hood’s Bay checkpoint to bring up my laptop so I can transfer my camera footage.

I’m mostly excited about the scenery and banter with Aidy and most nervous about the hills and my body giving up. I’ll could copy an Insanity stretch session to my phone which I can do every night at the B&Bs.

Overall I just hope I don’t let Aidy down nor let down everyone donating to the cause. We shall see how we do. I’ll look to do a blog every night to update everyone. I could read out people’s comments to Aidy that will get people commenting more. Nice idea!

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