Bike Ride with Aidy to Darwen

Aidy and I did a fairly simple 25 mile bike ride to test the bikes, see how the energy supplements fared and make any last minute adjustments before the challenge in a week’s time.

The climb up Rivington Road was pretty meaty at times, as well as the climb at the Stones Bank Brook forest towards A666. Apart from these hills it wasn’t too testing which I was glad of. We’ll be doing almost four of this route this time next week with Whinlatter Forest Park to play with.

The nutrition was great, I never felt tired, and we had some GoPro’s to play with. I lent a GoPro from one of Pete’s (my brother) friends – Ash – Legend. I collected it last night. I’ll be using the GoPro to capture loads of video footage for the Coast to Coast but Aidy won’t have his unfortunately – so I’ll be the chief media footage guy next week ha!

DarwenRidewpid-20140621_170429.jpg DarwenRideProfile DarwenRide

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