Coast 2 Coast 2 Coast training not as good as should be

Last night went for a 10 mile run with my good friend Johnny who’s doing the Tough Mudder with me. It was 20 degrees so my god we felt every single degree. I emptied my Camelbak 1.5l water pouch in just under 90 minutes. My form wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be but I put it to the heat and probably due to the lack of training I’ve been doing. I should be doing 35 mile runs by now.

I feel absolutely fine this morning, no stiffness and to be fair to myself, the actual training I should be doing whilst running is taking it easy, power walking through most of it. During the running route I can’t simply run all of it or you’ll be hearing mountain rescue helicopters quicker than you can say “Run Forrest!”.

I’m going to do another run on Thursday, a huge bike ride on Saturday and a run again next Tuesday then probably rest. I should be fine but I could be better prepared

2 thoughts on “Coast 2 Coast 2 Coast training not as good as should be

  1. stay positive and you will do it. By the way, you look nothing like forest gump. He wasnt ginger for a start!

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