Coast 2 Coast 2 Coast route planning – complete

So Aidy and I got together tonight at his to do the route planning for the Coast 2 Coast 2 Coast challenge. I took the Beast PC and we hooked it up to his TV and brought out a few beers and pizza etc as energy doing this demanding activity.

So, our strategy for each of the four days was as follows:- Plot the Google Maps directions from each A to B and get a feel whereabouts our path would lead us. We obviously wasn’t going to just use the Google Maps directions as that would just be in roads going through towns etc and it would be boring (or less challenging so help us God). So we started exploring mountainous areas nearby our Google route and discussed if we should take a more challenging and scenic route.

During the planning of the first few day routes we created a Fast Route and a Pro Route so that each morning we’d be able to decide what route we should take depending on how we felt that morning, the weather that day and most importantly how we can look after ourselves for the continuing days.

However, as the beers flowed our camaraderie grew and towards the end I think we just chose the Pro Route each time. My god when we come to the latter days of our challenge we’ll be saying “For God’s sake we’re on a path here we planned whilst we were drunk.”

If you would like to view the routes, you can do so by clicking this link. This download contains the 8 day routes including the alternative routes. Each file is a KML file and can be opened in Google Earth which can be downloaded for free here (PC & Mac only) .

Just need to plot the water stops and bike shops along the route and we’re all done

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