Fantastic Open Water Swim Practice

Cracking swim tonight at a not so cold 17C Salford Quays Watersports Centre. 2km (4 x 500m laps) in 50 minutes which is basically my pool swimming pace.

OpenWaterSwimClick here to view the above activity on Runtastic

Basically my preparations have gone perfect and I’m so pleased. I was the fastest breaststroke swimmer by miles (and some front crawlers not expecting a ginger pale creature undertaking them doing a tougher stroke). Get in son!

It’s quite easy to seem big headed about this but months and months of training have put me in good stead for the swim. I saw people my own age struggling to even put in a decent swim and unable to carry out the stroke correctly. This is what I could have done but I chose to take it seriously and thankfully my 1,000 length challenge training has helped me tremendously. I was able to find my swimming and breathing rhythm and I smashed four x 500m laps without any difficulties. It felt absolutely fantastic to be in there and EVERYTHING going right and having the confidence to push myself knowing I was relaxed and confident in the water.

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