C2C2C To Do

Still loads to do with 25 days to go before Aidy and I start this mammoth challenge.

Plan Route
We’ve got the provisional route sorted but need to plot the route exactly so I have the GPS waypoints stored so we can’t fail. Day One has been done already and I think Aidy and I are getting together this weekend to get the other seven days sorted.

Practice Day
I think Aidy and I are getting together this Saturday and doing Whitehaven to Keswick as a practice cycle to test nutrition etc. From this we can make any last minute changes we haven’t thought of previously.

Today I fired off an email to Tom Irving, my very own personal nutritional expert, and asked him about energy supplements I’ll need for the day. I did a quick calculation on this this morning and it came to 8.4kg of just EZ Fuel Endurance powder. That’s a lot of weight and a lot of costs (£60).

Extra Equipment
So I’ve recently purchased a waterproof phone holder and extra batteries. I’ll need a huge storage pouch for the nutrition AND probably an extra bottle. I’ll see if I can get hold of this from someone else. I also need to find my link repair tool and maybe extra puncture repair kits. Apart from this I think we are good to go 🙂

Water Stops
Obviously we’ll need constant hydration throughout the 8 days but I’ll also need water for so I can take in my energy supplement. I worked out my 1.5L Camelbak will last around 90 minutes so I will need to calculate pubs, shops or anything along the way which will provide free water.

Bike Shop Stops
We’ll need a full map of all of the bike stops along our three day route – just in case something bad happens to our bikes.

Bag Stops
Had a brainwave this morning – Aidy and I are going to be travelling super light throughout so I was concerned about having to carry clothes, nutrition, food etc. So instead we can make individual bags and drop them off at the B&Bs prior to our arrivals during the challenge. This will allow us to visualise the route and get to know the B&B owners prior to arrival. I could also perhaps set up some collection bucket/pots at each place. Once we complete the challenge we’ll then come back to pick up dirty clothes etc we left behind after each stop and reminisce of how successful we were. GENIUS!

Arrange final 2 nights B&B and finalise costs
Still need to finalise the B&B stops at Osmotherly and Keswick for the first and final running stops. It’s quite easy to think that this is another financial downer on us… BUT LOOK AT WHAT WE’VE GOT SORTED ALREADY!! Lots of free B&Bs so we’ll get this sorted. I’ll also need to finalise costs of evening food, daily nurtition and money owed to B&Bs.

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