First Bike Ride in AGES!!! – Good to be bike (aaaah you see what I did there?)

So today I went on a bike ride – the first time I’ve probably been on a bike in a few of years. The bike has been kindly lent to me by my good friend Gareth Macdonald who’s doing the Tough Mudder with me. Ha I even sat on it in my house to see if the seat was the right height and I fell off it losing my balance – oh god!

I started off going straight up to the top of Winter Hill without any decline and past the mast. I was looking forward to the decline after the mast until I remembered that it was a ‘pro-route’ – lots of boulders and tough paths to follow. I fell over a few times – EMBARRASSING but needed to remember it was my first ride in ages.

At this point I did something else quite stupid – I went to the Black Dog pub in Belmont – beautiful sunshine and I thought AHHH I’ll have a pint! Wait a minute I have no bike lock – I can’t leave this bike outside chancing it when going inside for the beer. So I cracked on down the main road looking for Rivington Road back to Rivington without realising that the Black Dog pub IS on Rivington Road!! You idiot Paul! I got lost – went as far as Abbey Village near Chorley before getting my bearings. Still it was an epic cycle going 35mph sometimes (in a 30 zone haha) and I went back via the Anglezark and Rivington reservoir path. Had LOADS of fun and was surprised how much fitness I had. I could have done double the distance! I look forward to my next outing! Gareth Macdonald said I can keep the bike up to my challenge so I can train on it whenever I want to! What a legend!

20140526_115147 20140526_141123_Moor Rd 20140526_142238_United Kingdom

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