600 lengths for training – done OUCH! (240 x 50m, 120 x 25m)

Sunday was different – GOOD: did the 15K, got some good feedback, did it in the allotted time. BAD: cold water, muscle/back aches, 50m lengths, and THE COLD!

So yeah the water was cold at Manchester Aquatics Centre


I did the 600 lengths (15K) in two parts, the first in the basement 50m training pool, completing 240 x 50m lengths. Believe me that is a long way. And my god it was cold – I need to get that across! Anyway, apparently this is kept cold for the athletes who train as it prevents overheating when they’re absolutely nailing it. The second part was 120 x 25m lengths in the ground floor pool as the image above.

I went through all 18 bottles so I will need more for next week’s 700 lengths… 😥 I don’t want to think about that yet!!!

So a third of the way through my total lengths I was feeling my left shoulder clicking again and after a while my back started getting sore. I do think though the back was due to just poor form as I was having a good look around the new facilities keeping myself sane.

When I got to two thirds through, my back was a better but both shoulders, my right runners knee issue and FEET?? became sore and numb with tiredness.

At just over two thirds through I was aware that the basement 50m pool was closing shortly so I ended up talking to the lifeguards who were really interested and impressed in the challenge and training, one of which promised to bring in £5 for next week!!! Amazing – I don’t even know the guy but he said “I think what you’re doing is really commendable”. Wow!

I went upstairs into the 25m pool which felt like 10m after being in the huge pool for so long – but the lengths didn’t countdown quickly at all. It felt like an age getting to the final 60 length set.

Warm Up First Sub-Section Main Section Second Sub-Section Cool Down
Lengths 46 x 50m 75 x 50m 120 x 50m 60 x 25m 60 x 25m
Pace 60 80 See Below 70 60
Minutes 88 110 181 50 59
Actual 58 100 162 40 44
Main Section 1 Main Section 2 Main Section 3 Main Section 4
Lengths 30 x 50m 30 x 50m 30 x 50m 30 x 50m
Minutes 60 46 40 35
Actual 30 34 35 38

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