500 Lengths Demolished!!!

Wow so proud of myself to get to this level. Even though I did 500 in 6 hours which is longer than I’ve ever swam, overall it felt quicker and went better than I could have expected.

Don’t get me wrong, however, it was bloody tough. I hit an enormous wall around the 300 mark. The initial sections of 75+125 lengths got a major chunk of it out of the way leaving 6 sections of 50 lengths which I just focused on. But at 300 I felt so weak and mentally depressed with it all. But at around 350 it got easier and at 400 I felt like I was on the home straight. I actually got a little emotional at 480, thinking of the finish line thinking if there will be people cheering me on on length 999 on 7th May :’-)

Warm Up First Sub-Section Main Section Second Sub-Section Cool Down
Lengths 75 125 200 50 50
Pace 60 80 See Below 70 60
Minutes 74 92 150 42 49
Actual 48 83 137 35 34
Main Section 1 Main Section 2 Main Section 3 Main Section 4
Lengths 50 50 50 50
Minutes 50 38 33 29
Actual 30 34 35 38

The lifeguards were asking about my swim, joking that 500 is not enough, try 501 etc.

There were plenty of people in the pool asking about what I’m doing, including one guy asking if I was a swimming professional to me replying “No I’m just an amateur doing something stupid”.

Very very good feedback, one guy saying every time he comes in he’s impressed at how long I can maintain the high pace. Wow – thanks buddy!

A very strange feeling now – 500 – what a milestone. 600 next week!!! Will that feel as much of a milestone… and where am I going to do it? I don’t think Farnworth pool will be open long enough for me to do it! Maybe Manchester Aquatics Centre? How will I get there for an early start with trains on a Sunday starting so late!?

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