I went on Tower FM LIVE to promote the challenges

This morning I received a call from TowerFM saying they want me put me on as their Twit Face of the day! Basically the feature consists of three songs and then someone comes on to promote a cause and leave a Facebook or Twitter link so that people can find out more information. What was also amazing was the show was also being played live on WireFM, PeakFM and WishFM, covering areas of Warrington, Wigan as well as Bolton.

I got that call around 8:00am so from then until 11:10am I was on tenterhooks planning what I was going to say and hoping that I would be clear and get everything out I wanted.


Clip Length: 5 mins 12 secs

Click the speaker icon to listen

I laugh now about during the interview when Tony, the presenter referred to the first challenge calling it a “Swim” and I had to make sure that I linked back at some stage to promote the “1,000 lengths” challenge – luckily I did.

Cannot be more thankful for TowerFM allowing me the time to promote this. Also cannot believe they also said they will allow me to come back to promote it closer to the time. I reckon I’ll be promoting the 1,000 length challenge and C2C2C challenge as they are the toughest and the ones which I hope will generate the most money for the charities.

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