Generic Challenge Charity Buckets! I need to look at this ASAP!

My sister in law, Suzanne, recommended that I make up some charity buckets and she said she’ll be able to get some sent into schools. As I also need to get one done for HLC in 7 weeks, the creative animal inside me is thinking YES!

At first my thoughts were I need to set up a charity bucket for each event. But I quickly realised that this would look too needy and asking for a lot saying “Wow thanks for this bucket of cash… OK here’s another empty one for the next with the name of the next event”. I can’t do that!
So I thought what I could do is just do one generic bucket which promotes the entire Fierce Five Challenges which lists the dates of each event. Then once each challenge is completed I collect the money from the bucket and leave it for the next event? I know this also sounds needy but it’s either this or just do some buckets for one or two events. I’ll get some opinions on this – the last thing I want to do is start upsetting people.

The idea is once cash is collected I can then generate a letter or pretend cheque for the collectors to show how much was raised and for each charity? Again I’ll look into this 🙂

I’ll cover it in graphics and make it look stylish with my digital graphics skills. All good stuff!

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