Chorley FM possible publicity!

Suzanne Carruthers, my sister-in-law, has been kind enough to give me some SP!CE Time Credits which will allow me some time on Chorley FM to promote The Fierce Five Challenges and primarily the 1,000 Length Swim. 20140320_095921_Oakfield Rd

Suzanne gave me a name and an email address of a lady called Barbara Lowe who’s a presenter on the show. I sent a huge email to her but for some reason the email servers are down at Chorley FM at the moment.

Without being beaten, I contacted Chorley FM on their phone number this morning and managed to speak directly to Barbara who was quite interested in what I was doing and wants to contact me later this afternoon to speak about the charity challenges and a possible time for me to come in and talk about what I’m doing.

At last – I’m really promoting this thing now!


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