Bolton FM Mention Tomorrow

Got an email from Bolton FM which goes as follows:

Afternoon Paul,

This isn’t something I would usually add to the What’s on, but I have gladly passed this on to Ross Elliot who is presenting a 12 hour marathon show tomorrow from 7am -7pm with John Entwistle all in aid of Sports Relief which has been promoted in the Bolton News, so he will gladly mention this as he feels it is a brilliant event that you will be doing and ideal for tomorrows show.

I’ve had a quick word with Ross and he said if he can, he will text you on the number you provided to let you know when he will be giving this event a mention.

You can always listen online at if you have access to a laptop or internet…

Hope this helps,


How good is this? I’ll have to get my computer to record the whole show somehow without it interrupting and extract the mention to put it on this blog. AMAZING!

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