Difficult in making people distinguish “me time” vs training

One thing I’ve come to realise is that a lot of people, including Ang, think that the training I’m doing is “Me Time”… as if it’s exactly what I want to be doing at that moment in time, like I enjoy doing a sickening Insanity Workout every night of the week, two huge swims twice a week, no beers, no treats, simple food etc.
I appreciate from the outside looking in, the view is “well Paul it’s your choice and you are taking it too seriously”. I train so hard and take it seriously because I want to be at the top of my possible fitness. Why push the final killer repetition in a workout to then start eating crap and missing Workouts etc. I have become obsessive at times but that’s me dealing with beating my anxieties of being ready for the challenges.
I HAVE to be at my maximum for the 1,000 swim. Support is so important though and it can be VERY lonely this path sometimes. Sometimes I just think about giving up but that simply is not an option.
I am enjoying seeing the results, feeling fitter and stronger but there are definitely bad days!

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